Feeling 22

In the words of the great Kehlani “Damn, I feel alive!!!”


A lot of my family and friends know that I often dread it when my birthday is around the corner. The introvert in me just doesn’t know how to deal with all the attention, but this year I was determined to celebrate. I’m still celebrating now,  even 1 month after my birthday lol.  Chapter 21 was just such a great year, I had so much to be grateful for; I completed my degree, secured a pre-reg placement, travelled and started channelling my energy into the things that mattered.


I decided to celebrate my birthday at an event called Faaji Sundays with a few of my closest friends. T’was such a great night! Definitely one to remember! The organisers were lovely, the food was delicious and don’t get me started on the music! Even got to meet Wizkid in the flesh! Well I wouldn’t exactly say “meet” but we were in the same building, the same time, so I guess that counts right? lol What more could a girl want?

Now, lets rewind quickly to the struggles I faced when deciding what to wear. Is it just me or is it always a struggle to find an outfit when it’s your own event in comparison to finding an outfit for someone’s else’s event? I can’t be the only one that faces this struggle, let me know in the comments if you’ve ever faced the same struggle. Anyhoo, in the weeks leading up to the event, I ordered 3 different outfits on 3 different occasions and they all flopped! Big time! What hurt the most was how much I spent on delivery, the thought of it still breaks my heart, literally! So now it’s less than a week to the event, still no outfit, this is when I start to panic and lose hope. Then I remembered this leopard print blouse I had gotten from Zara that I was initially saving for another event but then I thought “…might as well wear this now. live in the moment girl and let tomorrow worry about itself.”

file (2)

Sometimes, the perfect outfit that you’re looking for is already in your wardrobe! So rather than saving it for the perfect event, perfect weather or waiting to find the perfect accessories to compliment it, just wear it now because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed! Don’t ever miss an opportunity to look good, all in the name of “saving it.” Live Now, Think Later!

I decided to rock this blouse as a dress, one of the perks of being 5’2″ lol. With an item that makes a statement all by itself, it is essential to keep the accessories to a minimum. Therefore, I paired it with some classic black court heels from Missguided and a black cross-body bag from Zara. For jewellery, I kept it simple with my signature gold hoops from PrettyLittleThing.

file (1)

I hope you enjoyed this post, See you next time xx

Stay Phenomenal

Ore xx

Matthew 6:34

3 Replies to “Feeling 22”

  1. Gurllll I am forever always looking for something to wear, upon all the clothes in my cupboard and then I think about what I wore to the last event.

    Lool keep up the post can’t wait to read the next one x x

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