The Art of Layering – Part 2 Colour Coordinating

Hey beautiful people! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and got to bond and spend time with your family! Guys, this gonna be the last post of 2018, sad times! This year has really flown by but I’m just so grateful to God that I’ve had more peaks than pits this year! Looking forward to what 2019 brings! 💃🏽💃🏽


So today’s post is the part 2 of “The Art of Layering” series! Last time, we focus on the fundamentals, this time we’re focusing on colour coordinating and dealing with prints. So when it comes to layering, you can often get carried away and end up putting clashing prints and colours together which ultimately results to looking like a masquerade 😬 loool that’s not really the look we’re going for! Colour coordinating is such a big topic that I probably won’t be able to cover in total detail but I hope this post will bring some extra clarity and enlightenment.



There are various ways to colour coordinate but I’m just going to touch on the ones that are best suited to layering. You probably already do these subconsciously.

The Focus

One way of colour coordinating is starting with a “focus.” I don’t really know what the technical word for this is so I’m just going to call this the “focus”. To me, the focus is basically an item of clothing that draws everything together and acts as the scaffolding where you build your look from. In this look, my “focus” are my shoes. If you look carefully at my shoes, you can see that it has all the colours that I’m wearing, the black, white, burgundy and khaki. So what I basically did in this instance, was use my shoes as the starting point and put my look together based on the colours on my shoes. Now, imagine I wore these same shoes and decided to rock a neon pink top instead, chances are the outfit would not look as well put together.


I try not to be too matchy matchy with my looks but sometimes it’s just best to go with what works. With trainers that have a lot of colours, there are basically only 2 options when it comes to styling them, either stick to neutrals (grey, white and black) and let the trainers be the statement piece or just go with the colours on the trainers rather than incorporating a whole new colour that might just throw everything off. But yeah, back to “the focus”! The focus can be anything, a scarf, a jumper, a jacket, literally anything! As long as it ties all the colours in your look together.


Seasonal Colours

My current favourite word is hue, and every season has a particularly hue. For autumn, we’ve got the brown, khaki, burgundy hue. For winter, we’ve got the white, grey, blue, black hue. For spring, we’ve got the pastel colours, peach, lavender, sky blue, mint green hue. For summer, we’ve got the solid colours, navy blue, red, yellow, orange and pink. Seasonal colours tend to go seemlessly well together and often create a harmonious and carefully put together look while requiring the littlest effort. Keeping the seasonal colours in mind when layering, will make layering so much easier. In this look you can see that I’ve stuck to the autumn hues, so whenever you’re in doubt of what colours go together, always refer back to the seasonal colours.


Monotone Chromatic Colour Scheme


The monotone chromatic colour scheme is where your look only focuses on one colour but various shades/variations of that same colour. For example, a look that focus on various shades of brown, from beige to camel to tan. This colour scheme can be easily done with a lot of neutral colours such as grey, khaki and cream. This method of layering usually creates a gradient affect and when you’re working with colours in the same family, the chances of clashing is very slim. One of my favourite looks that I’ve seen this year and that I hope to recreate is the khaki monotone chromatic look. Watch this space!

So those are some different ways to colour coordinate whilst layering to avoid looking like a masquerade lmaoo 😂😂 I hope you guys have found those tips useful, let me know what you think in the comments section. So next time, we’ll be talking about actually putting an outfit together and the intricate details to consider.



Outfit Details



Levi’s t-shirt – ASOS

Burgundy hoodie – Primark

Khaki jacket – New look, bought a couple of years ago, similar one here

Black denim jacket – PrettyLittleThing

Jeans – PrettyLittleThing

Trainers – Valentino Garavani


Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you’ve been able to find it useful. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the love and support I’ve received from you guys since I’ve started my blog. I cannot believe that on the 7th of Jan, it’ll officially be 6 months since I’ve started my blog! Time flies! I’ve got so many great plans for The PW Style next year and I can’t wait to take you guys along with me. Deuces 2018 ✌🏾 it’s been nice knowing yah! Here’s to a prosperous 2019, filled with growth, opportunities and unending reasons to be joyful! Happy New year, my loves!!! 🎉🎊


Stay Phenomenal

Ore xx

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