The Art of Layering – Part 3 Hints and Tips

Happy New Year my loves!! I feel proper late saying happy new year, cos we’re actually almost 2 full weeks in! Anyway, how’s the year treating you so far? I hope you lot that got time off work during the holiday season are back at work, like the rest of us that worked during the holiday season. Lmao I’m not jealous at all, I promise hehe!



So today is the concluding part of The Art of Layering series. I hope you have enjoyed it so far. So we’ve talked about the fundamentals of layering and also various ways to colour coordinate appropriately for the layered look. Today I’m just giving some final tips to take your layered outfit from simply trying to stay warm to looking fashionable while doing so.


Accessories are great for adding that perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Scarves, gloves, hats, jewellery? You name it! They can easily pull a whole look together. A pop of colour scarf on a neutral palette layered outfit can add that extra contrast needed for the outfit to stand out. One thing, you should get your hands on this winter (I’m also talking to myself here, as I don’t have one yet) is an oversized scarf. An oversized scarf on its own creates an illusion of another layer, therefore requiring you to not wear as much. Draped around your neck, while allowing it to flow naturally, creates a carefree, effortless, “I’m not even trying” look, that I adore!!! In this look, I used are pair of glasses by House of Derin, which I think go perfectly with the tailored trousers to add some formalness to the look, while the trainers, hoodie and leather jacket provided a playful, informal contrast to the look.


Incorporating summer pieces


One of the biggest mistakes we make when it’s the start of a new season, is locking away items we wore in the previous season. A lot of people think skirts, dresses and camisoles are only for the spring/summer months. Turn to your neighbour and tell them “the devil is a lier” lmaoo 😂😂😂 Summer pieces are actually perfect for layering, as they are usually lightweight. The first part of The Art of Layering, I layered around a skirt, check it out here if you haven’t already. Wearing a turtleneck jumper under your favourite summer slip dress/camisole gives that classic 90s look that we all probably wore as kids. Add a cardigan or a blazer for some extra warmth and drape a longline coat on your shoulders, while wearing a pair of ankle boots or Chelsea boots, and you have yourself a look centred around a summer piece. The contrasting necklines of the slip dress on a turtle neck, accompanied with a blazer on top, complement each other so well. Just imagine the Alte look that I did on this post with a turtle neck underneath. Exquisite!


Don’t be afraid to mix different textures


A mixture of different fabrics and textures is essential for layering especially if you are only wearing 1 colour in a variety of shades (monotone chromatic colour palette.) It adds some depth and dimension to the look. In this look, I’ve got cotton, wool and leather, all varying in thickness and feel. Don’t be afraid to play around with different textures and mixing both light and heavier textures. One of my favourite looks I’ve come across is using heavier textures such as denim or leather as the mid layer followed by a wool jacket outer layer.

Play around and have fun with it


Layering is probably the only reason why I think the winter style is much better than the summer style. Being able to play around with pieces that you might normally neglect is not only fun but economical. Fully mastering the Art of Layering is gonna take time and practice but once you’ve found your niche and what works for you, then it’s all a breeze. Don’t be afraid to step out of the ordinary or even make some fashion mistakes. We’ve all done it before, it’s all a learning curve. All in all layering, is basically the adult version of playing dress up, there’s literally no limit to the amount of combinations you can make! So have fun with it and rediscover your wardrobe!


So that’s it, the end of The Art of Layering! Cue the sad music! 😭😭 So guys, when I said that layer was a huge topic that needed more than one post, I really wasn’t joking. I really hope that this series has been able to shed some light on your misconceptions and provide answers to your questions.

Outfit Details


Oversized white tee – Primark

Hoodie – H and M

Leather Jacket – Bershka

Tailored Trousers – H and M

Trainers – Reebok classics

Glasses – House of Derin

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