3 casual ways to style a blazer

Happy Sunday beautiful people! Super excited to write another blog post! I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in forever, I’m still getting used to this new schedule but your girl’s got to do what your girl’s got to do! Okurr! Anyway, how are y’all doing? Hope you guys are well! Let’s crack on with today’s post, shall we?💃🏽💃🏽


So I think it’s pretty obvious that I love a good blazer! This is literally my third post that includes a blazer and there’s more to come, trust me! I really don’t think I’ll ever have enough blazers to be honest! I’ve literally been building a collection of blazers since I was like 12! So this blazer game is not something new to me, if I do say so myself. Lmao I might even go as far as calling myself a veteran in this blazer game but I don’t like to toot my own horn 😂😂


So when people think of blazers, they usually think of work, interviews, church or just very formal environments in general. But blazers are just so versatile and shouldn’t be limited to formal setting alone! So today we’re gonna explore 3 CASUAL ways to rock a blazer! Let’s get it!



Cool Kid!

Layering up a casual hoodie with a blazer is literally one of my go to looks for those days where you don’t want to seem too casual but still want to be comfortable. Throw on a pair of chucks and mum jeans and you have yourself the cool kid look. This look can be replicated easily by both men and women. “Where can I possibly wear this to” you may ask? Literally EVERYWHERE except from extremely formal settings obviously. From a house party to going out shopping with your friends, to a cute casual date night with your mcm, should I go on??


Alté babe!


_Y8B8556Alté is a Nigerian slang term used to describe the edgy trendsetter. I’m far from an alté babe, my personal style is more on the cute, classy side rather than edgy. Nonetheless I still appreciate the edgy look but I know I can never truly pull it off 😬 Anyhoo this is the most “alté” you’ll find me 😂😂


😂😂 The slip dress under the blazer look is again another “I’m trying but not too hard” kind of look. The ruching on one side of my slip dress and the slit on the opposite side, gives the slight element of edge that this look requires. Throwing on a pair of trainers, ultimately reinforces the casualness and effortless styling of this look. I decided to go with my Stan smiths but literally any pair of trainers would have done the trick. If I was really about the alté life, I would have put on one of those thin edgy sunglasses but I’m really not about that life and moreover they look ridiculous on me so let me not embarrass myself. lmaoo



Grandpa’s Wardrobe!



This is hands down my favourite of the 3 looks. The colour and checkered nature of this blazer, really screams “older generation” so with this look I was going for the granddaughter invades grandpa’s wardrobe vibe. I tried to style this look, in a way I think an older man would style this blazer! The button up granddad cardigan is actually one of my favourite recent purchases, one of those gems you never realised that you truly needed in your wardrobe! But definitely a worthwhile purchase. I decided to rock the cardigan with nothing underneath because it looked much better that way but if you’re a guy then a nice white tee or a cream turtle neck underneath might be best.


_Y8B8518For the bottoms, I really wanted to stick with the whole granddad look and what screams granddad like a pair of corduroy jeans???? I never used to understand the older generation’s obsession with corduroy jeans but now I get it! I am absolutely in love with my corduroy jeans, in fact I’ve been in love with corduroy anything lately. Stick around for future looks, where I’ll be incorporating more corduroy. I couldn’t complete this look with nothing other than a pair of loafers. Due to the nature of my job, and not being required to be super formal with my dressing, I wore this look to work and I got a lot of compliments, some patients even thought that I was the pharmacist not the pre reg pharmacist 😂😂😂


So that’s it guys, 3 easy and casual ways to rock a blazer! I hope you enjoyed reading this cos I thoroughly enjoyed styling and writing this post! Let me know which of the 3 looks is your favourite in the comments section!

Outfit Details

I know a lot of you guys have probably skipped what I’ve written, looked at the pics and come straight down here 😂😂😂 I don’t blame you though.



Yoooo! Do y’all see this blazer? Do you see the colours? Do you see the “checkeredness”?? Only a badass blazer will have you making up words that don’t exist 😂😂😂 but for real though after God, my family and my closest friends, this blazer HAS to be the next thing in line of the things/people I cherish most in my life! This blazer has sparked up conversions that probably wouldn’t have taken place if I wasn’t wearing it! Yooo this blazer just screams quality, it is well made and worth every penny! All in all, this blazer is the love of my life 😊 I got this blazer from Zara during the summer sales for £60 so I wonder how much it was before the sales but I definitely don’t regret this purchase. I really tried to find this blazer or something very similar but this is the closest one I could find. Click this link

Look 1 _Y8B8384

Hoodie – H and M, bought several years ago, similar one here

Mum jeans – PrettyLittleThing

Trainers – Converse

_Y8B8599Look 2

Slip dress – Missguided, It was altered to create ruching on the side

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

Look 3_Y8B8464 

Granddad cardigan – New Look

Corduroy Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Loafers – ASOS, sold out but similar ones here

Photography @biggiesnaps_

Thank you for reading this post, if you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below and be sure to share with your family and friends. Follow me on instagram @thepwstyle

Stay Phenomenal

Ore xx

7 Replies to “3 casual ways to style a blazer”

  1. Can not decide my fav blazer look, Alté or Grandpa’s Wardrobe. Both definitely a bit of me 😍😍

    As always, your blog is well written. Flows well, so easy to follow.


    Liked by 1 person

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