Earned my stripes: Transitioning from winter to spring

Hello beautiful people! Happy new month, I think..? Yeah the last time we saw each other was in February. So yeah, how’s March treating you so far? I hope you’re all good.


Guys!!!!! I cannot express how happy I am that the weather has gone back to the regularly scheduled programming. That week or two of constant sunshine was great but also slightly scary. Thank God our trusty good old English weather has come to our rescue. So now we’re in that awkward season of transitioning from winter to spring, which can be slightly confusing for our wardrobes but Ore is here to save the day 👍🏾 Loool.



My go to rule when transitioning from one season to another is to pick one item from the old season and one item from the new season and just try and piece them together to make them work. It’ll probably be a case of trial and error but once you find what works, you are good to go. For example let’s say you’re transitioning from summer to autumn, you could wear a slip dress (summer item) and put a blazer on it (autumn item) just like I did in the alté look in this post. Do you see where I’m coming from? So today I’ve got a cheeky little outfit of the day for y’all, perfect for transitioning from winter to spring! Let’s go!


A line pleated midi skirt

I’m sure you guys have seen the different variations of the pleated midi skirt over the past couple of years. In as much as it is not only limited to the spring season – I’ve seen it worn more or less all year round – it is very popular during spring and also perfect for transitioning. We have seen the rise of animal print in the last year, and I’m so here for it. I really thought the trend was gonna die down towards the end of last year but I’ve been proven wrong! As I’ve already indulged in a bit of leopard print, snakeskin, and tortoise shell print in the past -check out this post– I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add tiger stripes to my ever growing animal print collection. I absolutely adore this skirt! One of my current faves!


Balloon sleeves jumper

This jumper is an oldie but goodie! I think I got it around November 2017. You literally cannot go wrong with a classic black jumper. The perfect winter element to add to a transitioning outfit. It is great for bracing yourself from the ghastly wind and cold. The balloon sleeves are my favourite thing about this jumper. The jumper is just a simple plain jumper but the sleeves adds a little bit of style and personality which works well with the chic skirt.



Here I decided to wear this look with my vans just to add a playful, spring like nature but any black shoes would have looked just as great. I actually wore this outfit to church a couple Sundays ago but with black court heels and it still banged! So don’t be afraid to switch it up a little.

PS can you tell that these pics were taken on a rainy, windy day? bruh the struggles of a blogger!

Outfit Details

Black balloon sleeves jumper – New look

Tiger print pleated skirt – ASOS

Trainers – Vans Old Skool


So that’s it! A cheeky OOTD! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it gave you a little idea on how to transition from winter to spring. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments section and feel free to share with your family and friends! I pray you guys have a blessed week. See you next time.


Stay Phenomenal

Ore xx

John 15:13-15

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