3 ways to style white boots

Spring has sprung! My favourite season of the year is officially here! Can you believe that for the whole 22 years of my life, I thought that I was a summer baby? When really and truly, summer doesn’t start till the end of June, so I’m actually a spring baby! So guess whose new favourite season is now spring? Yup it’s me! Well I guess I can still claim that I’m a summer baby right? Since I was born towards the end of spring…. #springsummerseptember lmao a cheeky rhoa reference! 😂😂 Anyhooo welcome to a new season, my loves! Without further ado. Let’s get on with today’s post!



So today I’ve got another ‘3 ways to style’ blogpost. I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of these. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I just really like showing the versatility of the clothes we have in our wardrobes. So what item of clothing do we have on the agenda today?….drum roll pls….. none other than a pair of white boots! Rest assured, not everyone has a pair of white boots in their wardrobe but If you do feel like stepping away from the status quo and trying something different, a pair of white boots is a cute little addition that you might want to consider! So today we’re gonna explore 3 simple ways to style them, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.


Denim on Denim


For as long as I can remember, I’ve actually been the queen of denim on denim. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style and can be worn in many variations; Shirt and jeans, jacket and jeans, shirt and skirt, same shade, contrasting shades etc. With this look, I attempted to pair denims of the same shade together. I must admit, I had to do a little bit of diy. I actually bleached my jeans from a dark wash blue denim to this bleached light blue colour. It took a couple of days, but the results were very much worth it and the jacket and jeans almost look as though they come as a pair. I separated the 2 denims with a classic white turtle neck top. Ohh how I adore the turtle neck and bleached denim jacket look.



Affluent Black Mum


This look here is hands down my favourite! This is how I picture myself in a few years, picking up my kids from school or turning up to their school productions! Yes! I’m gonna be that ‘over dressed, she thinks she’s better than everybody’ kinda mum! Loool 😂😂😂 don’t hate the player baby, hate the game! It’s not my fault you don’t got it like I do! 😂😂😂 nah I’m just kidding! I don’t know if it was the hair, skirt or boots, but I definitely felt hella classy in this look! A long denim skirt is that wardrobe staple that you didn’t realise you needed in your wardrobe until now! Well what can I say? You’re welcome lmaoo I can really see myself rocking this skirt throughout the year. For summer you can easily switch up the boots with a pair of slides and the jumper with a crop top, add some braids or come faux locs and you already have a boho chic look! I’m really too good at this styling thing lmaooo



Dress Down Friday


This is the look you wear to remind your colleagues that even though it’s dress down Friday, the bawsy, classy, get money girl in you never sleeps! This is just what we do baby! If you’ve never tried it, I urge you to try styling 2 jumpers together, perfect for those offices that never want to turn on the heating but will have the ac on full blast! Lmao! A turtle neck jumper/top and a v neck jumper are like butter and toast… a perfect combination! I decided to wear a ash grey turtle neck to complement the colours on my v neck jumper, which also works perfectly with ash grey hues that my jeans have.



So there you have it, 3 simple ways to rock the white boots. Let me know which is your favourite in the comment down below. I really appreciate the love and support I receive on my blog! You all mean the world to me.

Outfit Details


Boots – Public Desire

Look 1

Cropped denim jacket – Topshop

Turtle neck jumper – New look

Bleached Denim jeans – Topshop



Look 2

Cable knit Jumper – Primark

Long Denim skirt – Zara



Look 3

Turtle neck jumper – Primark

V neck jumper – Miss Selfridges

Jeans – Topshop




I hope you guys enjoyed reading today’s post! Do share with you family and friends. I pray you have a blessed week ahead!

Stay Phenomenal

Ore xx

Romans 8:1

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