Autumn Essentials

Heyyy my lovelies!!! We are back and we are better! I hope you guys are having a great Sunday! Your girl has had a really busy week and I’ve only just gotten the chance to write this week’s post like literally, right now! If you’re reading this today, I literally just wrote this like an hour ago smh! With that being said, let’s get into it!

baby girl

So this year’s summer has actually been really good, which is not very common of the English weather, so I can’t complain. But a nice summer can only mean one thing. Autumn/winter is about to be brutal! Brace yourselves guys! We’re still being spoilt with some good weather but as we all know, autumn will sneak up on you like a thief in the night! So you always have to come prepared! Hence, with today’s post, I bring you, your autumn essentials! Ayyyy! Leggooo! Yellow model chick, yellow bottle… lmaooo nahhh for real, let’s go!


cuteLeather jacket!

One thing I love about the leather jacket, is its versatility and its ability to be used to transition from season to season! The leather jacket is a staple throughout the whole year tbh but its true value is appreciated in the autumn. It is perfect for layering, adds that perfect edge/attitude to an outfit and also a great source of warmth during the cold autumn nights! A good quality leather jacket can be very expensive but is always a good investment to make, as it is durable and won’t need replacing for another 4/5 years. If you don’t have a good quality leather jacket in your wardrobe, then sis, you are really dulling! My favourite stores for top quality leather jackets are Zara, H and M, Topshop, Bershka.

3046253800_1_1_1 hmgoepprod TS11C07NBLK_M_1 6254109800_1_1_3


I love me a good knitwear! Be it, cardigans, jumpers or sweaters, I just love them! Hmmm that cosy feeling 😊😊 Layered with a nice blouse or shirt underneath and a jacket/coat on top, you already have yourself a look. You don’t really need to break the bank for some nice knitwear, Primark do a great selection of them. But New Look and H and M will always have my heart when it comes to knitwear.



This is an area that I need to level up on cos your girl is slacking with her boots collection. I’ve only got 3 pairs, I know right, trash! If you’re tryna stay warm this autumn then you need to lock up your flats/slides and dust off your boots. Boots come in all shapes and styles, from the classic Chelsea boot to the sultry knee high boots. Take your pick and start to build your own collection. Trust me, they can take an outfit from basic to bowsssyyy!


Autumn is the only time you’ll catch me wearing a hat. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, but I don’t really gravitate towards them. But during autumn, my room basically turns into a hat museum. From the bowler, to the beanie, to the baker boy, to the beret to the fedora. The list is endless! Hats just bring a whole new personality to a look. With the beanie you get that relaxed cool kid but I’m tryna stay warm look. With the baker boy, you get the girl next door vibe. With the fedora, you get that I’m about to slay all my enemies look. With the beret, you get that Je suis about to take your man and make it look cute look. Lmaooo I’m a mess! But yeah, experiment with different types of hats in various colours this autumn and be a different person every day!

3920234700_2_1_1 10319339-1-navy hmgoepprod (1) 10321105-1-black


Dark lippie!

This year, I’ve literally been wearing a nude glossy look every day and I can hear my other lipsticks begging for me to use them. But don’t worry babies, autumn is here and mama is finally gonna use you! Lmaooo! This is the time to go dark with your lippies. Brown, burgundy, plum and the queen of them all, Ruby woo red! My favourite dark lipsticks are from Mac, Colour pop and NYX cosmetics.


And there you have it, those are my autumn essentials that you NEEDDDD in your wardrobe, if you want to slay this autumn.

Y’all know it’s autumn now, so your girl can finally start dressinnnn’ ayy!! I’ve got some great autumn looks coming your way so stay tuned guys.

Outfit details

This outfit has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post but I look cute, don’t I? 😂 loool This fit gives me 70s vibes, I’m pretty sure my dad had a shirt like this or at least something similar in the past. I decided to pair the shirt with these black mules and mum jeans to give the look an essence of cool but with sophistication. Sophisticool maybe?

full outfit

Shirt – New Look, similar one here

Jeans – PrettyLittleThings

Mules – Asos

Bag – Zara, alternative

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week’s post! If you have any other autumn essentials, please share them in the comments section. Do share this post with your friends and family. I pray you guys have a blessed week ahead!

Stay phenomenal

Ore xx

6 Replies to “Autumn Essentials”

  1. Wonderful read! I dooo need boots this autumn/winter but everyone I keep seeing is just expensive. A fave of mine for autumn would be teddy coats as well! It allows for the slow transition in to winter too


    1. Lol excuse my grammatical errors. I meant I needed winter boots & all of them are expensive 🤦🏽‍♀️


    2. i know the struggle of trying to find affordable boots! I’m still on the hunt for some myself! Speaking of teddy coats, your girl just purchased herself one and will be featuring it on a post in the near future xx


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