How to build a timeless wardrobe

Wow! So another week is here??  Is it just me or did the past week literally fly by? But I can’t complain cos that only means that it’s time for another blog posssttttt!!! I can’t hold back my excitement! Ayyy! Hope you’re as excited as I am! 💃🏽💃🏽 This is the first post of the month of October!! Whoop! Whoop!


So a lot of people have been sharing with me, how they struggle to get the most out of their clothes, and how they constantly feel the need to keep buying new clothes for every event! That really shouldn’t be the case, if you have a timeless wardrobe! So today, we’re going back to the drawing board on how to build a timeless wardrobe that transcends through the various seasons and years, with 3 key points! Let’s get it!!


Stick to the basics!


First things first, to build anything you need to have some kind of foundation, something to build on. This is where your basics come in. A good pair of jeans, vest tops, camisoles, white tees etc are all basics that everyone should have in their wardrobes! When shopping for basics stay away from bright colours, obvious patterns and distinct logos. By doing this you can get more use out of them. Patterns and logos can be noticed from a mile off, you don’t want people to think that you only have one top loool. Whereas with a plain white tee, it’s not as noticeable that you’re wearing the same one all the time. Moreover, patterned clothes are really hard to style in more than one way. So having too many clothes with patterns only limits the amount of different looks you can do.


With your basics there are some essential colours that you should have in your wardrobe that’ll allow you to build various looks. I have the same white v neck t-shirt in black and grey, allowing me to experiment and create various looks without it looking like I’m repeating an outfit! These basics are probably the cheapest items you’ll have in your wardrobe but are the most essential part of building a timeless wardrobe as they act as a scaffold for you to work and play around with. One thing I love about basics is that, if taken good care of, they can last you for years before needing to be replaced. So do your wardrobe a favour and invest in some good quality basics.

Don’t feed into trends!

black and white

This is probably the biggest pet peeve of mine, when I see people feed into trends that is 1) not even their personal style 2) probably won’t last beyond a season. I’m not particularly completely against trends! Hey! Your girl made a post about trends not too long ago! Shameless plug here! But I think that one should be very picky when jumping on trends! You should always ask yourself 2 types questions before buying something “trendy.”

Question 1

Do I actually like this? Does it match my personal style?

Question 2

Would I wear this more than once? Or would I end up regretting this purchase?


I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I don’t also feed into trends. I remember last year when those orange/pink/yellow coloured sunglasses where in, I bought myself a pair. Loool did I even wear it once? I fully wasted my money! Don’t be like me pls! Your wardrobe should not be filled with trendy items cos when they go out of style, you’ll have nothing to work with. A few trendy items here and there won’t hurt anybody, just make sure you actually like it and would get the most out of it!

Splurge on quality!


Lool I’m actually telling people to spend money looool me that I like to save my coinnnnttttsss! Wonders shall never end eh? There are certain items in your wardrobe that you should be willing to spend on, as I see them as an investment. Items such as bags, coats and jackets. Last week we talked about the leather jacket! Another shameless plug here! Coats and jackets are those items of clothing that we know don’t come cheap! And we often have to close our eyes when we click that “complete the purchase” button. But on the bright side, coats and jackets aren’t something you’re buying on a regular basis, so spending a little extra for that quality jacket that you know will last you a couple of years, shouldn’t feel too bad. Obviously, one needs to cut their coats according to their size (Lmao pun instead) and go for what you can afford!


So yeah, that’s it guys! Those are the 3 key points that I think everyone needs to consider when trying to build a timeless wardrobe. By doing so, you’ll save your money on constant purchasing as you already have a good wardrobe to work with!

Outfit details

So with this look, I tried to show how basics can actually make an outfit. We have here the basic white top and the basic camisole which can obviously be worn separately in other looks but together bring another vibe. This cami on a white tee look, was very popular in the 90s/early 2000s. Nostalgia vibes! The most expensive items in this look where the mum jeans, shoes and bag – splurging on quality. The mules add a little essence of trend, but I deffo don’t regret that purchase and they match perfectly with my personal style.

White top – PrettyLittleThing

Black camisole – ASOS

Mum jeans – Zara, sold out but here’s an alternative

Mules – ASOS

Bag – Zara, purchased last year but here’s an alternative 

Photography: @biggiesnaps_


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found the tips useful! If you have any other tips on building a timeless wardrobe, be sure to share in the comments section, down below! Have a great week, my lovelies!

Stay phenomenal

Ore xx

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