22 Random facts about me!

It’s another beautiful Sunday and your girl is back with another post! So I’ve been pretty consistent with the blog posts for a couple of weeks now, but I want to be a bit more transparent and want you guys to get to know me a little bit more! So today, we’re doing the random facts about me tag, I’ll be sharing some random facts that probably only my family and my closest friends know about me. As I’m currently 22 years old, I bring to you, 22 random facts about me! Let’s go!


1. I can live on Indomie noodles. I’m talking for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It’s not my favourite meal or anything, I’m just a lazy cook and I love a quick meal! Lmaooo, don’t judge me! I’ll still throw down in the kitchen if I’m in the mood to!

2. Before I leave this earth, I want to be a video girl at least once. Not the booty shaking video girl, cos there’s no booty to shake loool. But the beautiful love interest that captures the guy’s heart and makes cute faces at the camera! Hit me up, if you need a video girl! 😂

3. I talk to myself a lot! I really enjoy it loool the most stimulating conversations I have are always with myself! I’m so weird I know! 😂😂😂

over the shoulder

4. My favourite RnB boy band is Pretty Ricky! Old school Pretty Ricky though! They’ve really fallen off but they’ll always have my heart! ❤️

5. I was in a girl group for like a day for my primary school talent show! We sang ‘unappreciated’ by Cherish! I still don’t understand how we didn’t win to be honest, cause our 11 year old selves sang that song, like we were actually going through it!

6. I lived 22 years without having a favourite colour but this summer I discovered that my favourite colour is chocolate brown/bronze 😍 I rocked it a lot this summer!

7. Bounty is the best chocolate ever! Argue with your ancestors if you disagree!

8. My favourite Beyoncé song is ‘Me, Myself and I’ the harmonies just makes my body tingle. I always replay in intro like 20 times before I let the whole song actually play.


9. Sad songs make me happy. Like I actually grin from ear to ear when a sad song, that I haven’t heard in a while comes up next on my playlist. ‘So sick’ by Neyo always brings me joy. Don’t ask me why lool.

10. I’m pretty sure, I’ve watched love and basketball more than 50 times and that’s probably underestimated! It’s my favourite movie, if you don’t already know.

11. When I was in secondary school, I used to have a weird obsession with Tupac, T.I, Chris Brown and Diggy Simmons.


12. While we’re on weird obsessions, I currently have a weird obsession with Mayorkun and Funbi 😭❤️ my babies!

13. I watch movies that I know will make me cry, if I feel like I haven’t had a good cry in a while.

14. I’m the queen of starting a tv show and never finishing it, or giving up after a couple of seasons! I clearly don’t like commitment.

15. My favourite subject in school was English! I got an A in English Language and an A* in English Literature or was it the other way round, I really can’t remember! Anyway, shout out to Ms Rawkins! Best! Teacher! Ever!

16. I haven’t swam or ridden a bike since I was like 12. I’m pretty sure I can still swim but I know for a fact that I’ve forgotten how to ride a bike! Hopefully I’m never in a position that I need to ride a bike, cause I’ll actually embarrass my whole lineage Lmaooo 😂😂

17. I love the 90’s!!!! Music, Movies, Fashion! Ugh my actual drug! One day I’ll have a 90’s themed party! Just wait on it!


18. I’m a hopeless romantic! I love love! Some might call me naive, but I do believe in the whole happily ever after thing! It’s just that everyone’s idea of happiness differs! And one shouldn’t have to compromise on their own idea of ‘happily ever after.’

19. I’m that one person in the group chat that doesn’t participate or reply to messages. I don’t do it intentionally, I just find it hard to keep up with all the different conversations taking place. I’m really trying my hardest to do better though.

Another one

20. I thoroughly live by the ‘I can’t come and kill my self’ motto. I don’t get stressed at all, even when I probably should stress a little. I’m very nonchalant with a lot of things, I do my bit then leave the rest to God. Stressing just takes too much energy.

21. I’m vain looool I can’t even deny that one! Lool but your girl used to be insecure so let me enjoy this small glo up pls thanks 😂😂😂

22. Lastly, I’m really loving the woman I’m becoming. When I look back at my younger self, I know that I’ve really come a long way. From a shy, timid, insecure girl to a confident, outspoken, move making young woman! You go girl! You’re really making me proud!

That’s 22 random facts about me! Hope you guys enjoyed reading that, and got a little more insight into who I am! Let me know in the comments section, if you can relate to any of these random facts!



Outfit details!

Dungarees – New look

Turtle Neck top – Primark

Heels – Missguided

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post! See you here again, next week! Have a blessed week, my loves!

Stay Phenomenal

Ore xx

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